October 26-31, 2022

This tour is for the finest women in the world! Only brightest souls are welcome here!


    Dear soul! If you are reading these lines, it means that your soul is very pure and bright, you just crave adventure! And first of all inside yourself. It's the time to blossom for the women of the 6th race. The time of love, wealth and superpowers!

    Your soul has already followed many incarnations of the spiritual path, performed good deeds, it is time to remember all this, and then super abilities will begin to unfold, more strength and energy will appear in the body, you will gain good health. There is nothing more powerful than gaining strength! This means that you will be able to direct it to your beloved ones, improve your financial situation, and become happier. Because the real treasures are hidden within you! You are a person of extraordinary power, you have hidden abilities in you!

    An ancient prophecy says..:
    ...there will come a time on earth when the suffering of all people will cease, and a golden age will come! It will come when 500 women reveal the superpowers in their auras. When the symbols, signs and magic codes in their energy field are activated. If you are reading this information, you are this woman of the 6th race - the world's saviours!

    There is always a burst of abundant feminine energy right in the womb during these aspects! Women who had a predisposition had their superpowers instantly revealed! Women of the 6th race united to save families, cities and countries! The great time had come!

    For this purpose, the Avatars of the elements - women with natural superpowers - will hold sacred rituals for you in places of power! Ancient priestesses and shamans, who have already been incarnated on earth many times and are the keepers of these ancient rituals, will help you. Nowadays, so many cataclysms have started to occur on Earth; elements rage - and only a motherly female creative energy is able to calm it and direct it towards creation.

    The great spirit of our planet Earth has pointed to chosen women who will gather together for a HEALING CEREMONY OF WOMEN OF THE 6th RACE - purification of the lineage karma of the Earth. They will hold strong drums in their hands. The strongest priestly amulets. They will awaken the power of the strongest lineages.

    These are the lineages of the Queens, priestesses, and enchantresses of ancient Earth who ruled our entire planet. All the most talented and brightest women originate from them. They will summon those who are her spiritual sisters from past incarnations to awaken the power of the main Priestess of the 6th RACE, who possesses all the treasures of the world. Take a mystical journey to Agartha, to the places of Power with us! For the sake of your loved ones and children! They need your help! You are a woman with a very good heart. We know you will make the right choice! We are waiting for you, and this world needs your love!

    Attention! We will be asking the priestess of the 6th race to come in contact with us and show her face on this tour!

    Bring the photos of your relatives and children - she will heal everybody with her healing power! All bad things will go away! Everything will come right. The main thing is that you come!

    We pray, love and wait!

    To make the ritual as effective as possible, you will need Objects of power!

    These are artifacts that protect against negative energy, envy, poverty, disease, conflict, quarrels, and accidents. They help in love and affairs, give a powerful energetical protection to your family and your home.

    To select the right Object of Power just for you, let our tutors carry out diagnostics. This can be done right during the retreat or in your own country if you are lucky to visit our coach’s seminar in your city.


    ❖ Flights to Sirius, Agartha, the planet of happiness.
    ❖ Total relaxation, energy massages.
    ❖ Shamanic ceremonies, percussion, transformation through sounds.
    ❖ Materialization of desires. Clairvoyance.
    ❖ Women's Magic: 5 magical ways to anticipate and prepare for situations.
    ❖ Lunar Magic: Powerful spells used on water and jewellery to attract the desired
    ❖ Secrets of the stars: on what day you should fear disaster. Use cosmic knowledge! Protect yourself and your family!
    ❖ What words must necessarily be said to get what you want? The magic of the word.
    ❖ What one should put by the mirror to clean the house from evil spirits, to protect one’s relatives.
    ❖ Practice for the opening of a woman's superpowers.
    ❖ Five energy ways to strengthen the immune system
    ❖ Practice "Live Water" - the spell and magical passes to create a living water
    ❖ How to get rid of diseases faster and help your loved ones get rid of health problems. This secret drives any virus away.
    ❖ Inexhaustible Youth: simple secrets of how to look 10 years younger always
    ❖ Practice "Magic phrases" to transform the situation for your benefit.
    ❖ Full activation of the immune system with the power of thought. Good health and well-being.
    ❖ Powerful Practice! Release stress and fatigue restores energy.

    Tour Package 1.

    • The seminar program
    • Accommodation
    • Transfers
    • Object of power (1st level)

    Tour Package 2.

    • The seminar program
    • Accommodation
    • Transfers
    • 3 group rituals
    • Object of power (2nd level)

    VIP Tour Package 3.

    • The seminar program
    • Accommodation
    • Transfers
    • 3 group rituals
    • VIP ritual
    • VIP object
    • Individual assistance

    Registration is open until 10.10.2022

    For more details and to register:
    Telegram: +90 542 888 8301
    (Linda administrator)



      ❖ "The treasure of past incarnations - Kyuch Sygyn" This ritual helps to remember the strongest past incarnations in which you were at the peak of financial and love success, at the peak of the manifested talents. If you feel that you have some creative skills and potential, which will not open up in any way, the ritual will help you. Thanks to the ritual, you will remember your success and be filled with the power of past incarnations. After the ritual, there will be drastic changes in your life, a change of job to a better one, strong family relationships, an inclination to learn languages and travel, and you’ll have good health. The way to the most powerful Places of Power and the largest seminars will open.
      Every soul has reincarnations on earth. Some thousands, some millions. Thus the soul develops and accumulates both good and bad experiences. Good deeds accumulate good karma, and bad deeds accumulate negative karma. Our task is to get rid of the bad karma of past lives and to remember all the good we have ever accumulated. Very many people walk a spiritual path, did good deeds, and they need to remember all this, and then superpowers will be opened. More power and energy will appear in the body, and good health will be achieved. You need this ritual to return your power and to remember what talents and abilities you have been given, to use them in life.

      ❖ Zayan Zayachi’s coin of prosperity. Protective ritual for the entire lineage” The ritual is performed by the strongest shamans. In case of frequent illnesses, especially cold-related ones, or chronic diseases in the lineage, creating a matrix of strong immunity is recommended. A Health matrix is formed in your subtle bodies as a protective energy field. And through you, the power of the protective field spreads to all your relatives. After the ritual, you will feel a huge burst of energy, and new creative ideas will be born daily. You will receive attention from the opposite sex. At work, you may have a promotion or expansion of the sphere of influence, and there will be useful people and connections that will help in solving problems. It is recommended to perform this ritual together with the womb healing ceremony.
      Each family is a certain egregore, an energy field that can be weak or strong that can be dull or luminous, crooked, with gaps or holes. The situation in your family will depend on how strong your family's aura is. If there are quarrels, misunderstandings, and conflicts in your family, evil spirits penetrate your family's aura. You need to protect your family urgently, to remove all energy gaps, so that harmony would come again. That is why this ritual was created, during which we will form an energy matrix that will protect your family, especially now when there is a dangerous coronavirus that can penetrate your family. Help your loved ones!
      This is a very strong ritual - a strong protective code will be established for your matrix and aura.


      ❖ GODDESS OF THE 6TH RACE. Mystery of rebirth. Finding a new destiny.

      This is the most ancient priestly mystery in which women were cleared of a black curse, grey envious looks, dependence on people's opinions, and shackles of uncertainty and deep-seated fears. A woman was reborn as the Phoenix Bird: in the image of the Goddess of the 6th race, priestess, devadasi, magician, shaman, sorcerer, and she led the entire lineage.

      With this Power, a woman becomes soul and body. She completely pursues the path of her predestination. She achieves the top of career growth and respect in any team. A woman who undergoes this ritual erases the code of the lineage's mistakes. The lineage begins to prosper, and genius people are born.

      Each participant of the tour will receive a gift

      Helen, UK:
      “This is an incredible ritual! I visited a similar ritual. And you know what's amazing? After that, my career rapidly went up - I became the director of the branch! I have already booked a place for the retreat. I hope there will be a lot of people! I will invite all my friends to join me! ”

      Paulina, Spain:
      “I really dream of going to retreats! In general, I have a goal to visit all the retreats. Because they do work! I got pregnant, although the doctors said I was infertile! During the retreat, I asked the Universe not only happiness for all people, but also the baby. And then it happened! ”

      Darina, USA:
      “I think it will be awesome! I know people who attended such events. For example, my sister. After a retreat, she had a big change in her life - she met a very worthy man, and they got married. Something else has changed too – now my sister lives in Australia. Her husband is from there)) So I'm sure - the ritual will help not only our planet, but also to all of us! I look forward to it! ”

      Our retreat tour is a preparation for the most important ritual, the "Treasures of Agartha," where all participants will be given a code of wealth, both material and spiritual. The seminar itself is meant to help you prepare for this ritual. The ritual "Treasures of Agartha," is free.


      This is how our retreats and seminars are:

      To prepare for the TOUR, we recommend undergoing individual practices with our tutors.