International Female Tour


MONTENEGRO, 03.11.2021 - 08.11.2021

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    Dear, for all of us, the years 2020-2021 have been a time of loss and limitation caused by the conjunction of Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn.

    Their conjunction caused a redistribution of energy, both in the material sphere of the Earth and between people.

    Those who have not had time to find help from a Mentor before this period need to connect with a guide of Power in order to get out from under the influence of the "black aspect" and be able to restore material wealth and their spiritual path.

    Beloved woman, the guides of Power and shamans have begged for you to have the opportunity to meet the Mother of the World herself, the Priestess of Agartha, who has been serving the Earth for 500 years. It is to her we turned for help to change the situation on the planet because she speaks to the planets in their language. They hear and love her as the brightest soul of the Universe.

    Day and night she pleads with the Divine Planets to annihilate the negative influence of the aspects on people. Every catastrophe, every flood is painful in her wise heart, which has been beating in rhythm with all mankind for 500 years. She feels each person's pain as a mother feels her child's pain. For she is the one who nurtured many souls in the cradle of the world before incarnating to prepare us for their great mission.

    Now the Priestess gathers the spirits, casting them into amulets and objects of power, which she will pass on to you. She weaves the thread of your destinies in a cave on the border of Agartha and the world of Earth. And at the strongest planetary time, when the planets are ready to hear our prayers, she invites you to join her in praying in the strongest Shamanistic ritual for peace.

    But she needs your help. She says that only by uniting as we did before incarnation in her cradle can we change the situation. In order to stop the destructive influence of the planets, the new pandemic, the volcanic eruptions, the fall of meteors that will cost us millions of lives, we are gathering our entire spiritual family at the place of Power in Montenegro and Mexico!

    AGARTA. This is the name of the place of Enlightened Masters from all over the world and traditions - Jesus Christ, Budda, Krishna, Zaratustra, etc. Saint Masters continue to live in Agarta and pray for humanity. Especially now, in these not so easy times when we start a new era of Aquarius. This is a new era of very huge spirituality and we need to purify and we need to prepare for this new time.

    We will unite, we will gather together with the most spiritual people in the world. And we will make this tour to the ancient, saint place Agarta to receive special message from Enlightened Masters!

    Open your heart, open your soul and hear this calling!

    To make the ritual as effective as possible, you will need Objects of power!

    These are artifacts that protect against negative energy, envy, poverty, disease, conflict, quarrels, and accidents. They help in love and affairs, give a powerful energetical protection to your family and your home.

    To select the right Object of Power just for you, let our tutors carry out diagnostics. This can be done right during the retreat or in your own country if you are lucky to visit our coach’s seminar in your city.

    Tour Package 1.

    • The seminar program
    • Accommodation
    • Transfers
    • Object of power (1st level)

    Tour Package 2.

    • The seminar program
    • Accommodation
    • Transfers
    • 3 group rituals
    • Object of power (2nd level)

    VIP Tour Package 3.

    • The seminar program
    • Accommodation
    • Transfers
    • 3 group rituals
    • VIP ritual
    • VIP object
    • Individual assistance

    Bonuses and discounts:
    Special Offer: Invite a friend and get 150 euro BONUS!

    Registration is open until 10.10.2021

    For more details and to register:
    Whatsapp/Telegram: +90 542 888 8301
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      Group rituals:

      ❖ "THE STAR OF PREDESTINATION" This ritual will give you prosperity and a connection to your higher predestination.
      It will enable you to be healthy, it will open the way to a happy life, and you will always be with those who love you!
      You will find your guiding Star that will open the way to your true destiny and predestination. If this Star shines brightly in life, one will never go astray and will always prosper. But if the Star of Predestination does not show the way, there will be failures, losses, illness, and misfortune in your life. Light your Star of Predestination and experience a life full of joy, wealth, love, and happiness!

      ❖ "ERASING THE WEAK IMAGE OF SELF. MERGING WITH A DEITY" As a result of this powerful ritual, you will gain a strong image of yourself, which will give you energy in any situation, help you overcome any difficulty, and provide reliable protection against financial losses.
      You will gain qualities of a deity, a super being, and you will begin to develop superpowers. A special crystal of power will appear in your aura, which all deities of the universe will see. Or you will become visible to all the deities of the universe.

      ❖ "INVISIBLE PROTECTION AGAINST ENERGY VAMPIRES" Participation in this powerful ritual will give you reliable protection against energy vampires. You will free yourself from the influence of weak partners from the past, the aggressive impact of advertising, as well as from failure, unworthy environments, envy, and condemnation by others.
      This ritual will protect your individuality and predestination.

      Exclusive ritual:

      ❖ TRIGON OF FORTUNE “SATURN, JUPITER, PLUTO” In negative aspects, we are often powerless before the influence of planets: problems and difficulties, money losses and unsuccessful deals, quarrels and conflicts, diseases and emotional breakdowns happen in life despite all our efforts and prayers.
      If you want all your endeavors to be successful and bring financial well-being, it is important to learn how to bypass the negative aspects of the planets and the negative influence of the Black Moon. To do this, you need to ask for help from the positive aspects, Trigons of Fortune, which open the way to wealth and prosperity in all affairs and give you protection.

      Each participant of the tour will receive a gift

      Helen, UK:
      “This is an incredible ritual! I visited a similar ritual. And you know what's amazing? After that, my career rapidly went up - I became the director of the branch! I have already booked a place for the retreat. I hope there will be a lot of people! I will invite all my friends to join me! ”

      Paulina, Spain:
      “I really dream of going to retreats! In general, I have a goal to visit all the retreats. Because they do work! I got pregnant, although the doctors said I was infertile! During the retreat, I asked the Universe not only happiness for all people, but also the baby. And then it happened! ”

      Darina, USA:
      “I think it will be awesome! I know people who attended such events. For example, my sister. After a retreat, she had a big change in her life - she met a very worthy man, and they got married. Something else has changed too – now my sister lives in Australia. Her husband is from there)) So I'm sure - the ritual will help not only our planet, but also to all of us! I look forward to it! ”

      Our retreat tour is a preparation for the most important ritual, the "Treasures of Agartha," where all participants will be given a code of wealth, both material and spiritual. The seminar itself is meant to help you prepare for this ritual. The ritual "Treasures of Agartha," is free.

      This is how our retreats and seminars are:

      To prepare for the TOUR, we recommend undergoing individual practices with our tutors.