International women’s tour

March, 25-30, 2021



    AGARTA. This is the name of the place of Enlightened Masters from all over the world and traditions - Jesus Christ, Budda, Krishna, Zaratustra, etc. Saint Masters continue to live in Agarta and pray for humanity. Especially now, in these not so easy times when we start a new era of Aquarius. This is a new era of very huge spirituality and we need to purify and we need to prepare for this new time.

    We received sign to go in March 2021 to one of the entrances, to the place of Enlightened Masters - Agarta. The gates will be open for those who want to find their predestination and save the Planet.

    We will unite, we will gather together with the most spiritual people in the world. And we will make this tour to the ancient, saint place Agarta to receive special message from Enlightened Masters!

    Open your heart, open your soul and hear this calling!

    To make the ritual as effective as possible, you will need Objects of power!

    These are artifacts that protect against negative energy, envy, poverty, disease, conflict, quarrels, and accidents. They help in love and affairs, give a powerful energetical protection to your family and your home.

    To select the right Object of Power just for you, let our tutors carry out diagnostics. This can be done right during the retreat or in your own country if you are lucky to visit our coach’s seminar in your city.

    Group rituals:

    ❖ 26.03.21 THE GALACTIC HEART OF CHRIST is unconditional healing love. Love will raise your energy vibration level and you will glow from within. This ritual:
    - removes resentments from your heart
    - opens a channel of communication with the Guardian Angel
    - You gain the ability to heal the hearts of your loved ones with love and unite the family
    - You become a blessing for your family, your city and even country, the whole earth
    - unites your family, mutual understanding and support in the family appears
    - Healthy children with a happy fate are born in your family
    - Heals the cardiovascular system
    - A sign of Christ's blessing will appear in your aura

    ❖ 27.03.21 WHITE BUDDHA CRYSTAL The natural white Buddha crystal is one of the 7 treasures of Buddhism. This ritual will transform you:
    - The opening of the 5th eye of the soul is a divine conduction,
    - the aura takes on a spherical luminescence, granting an open channel of intuition
    - Healing of the brain, normalization of blood pressure
    - Healing of vision, improving memory
    - Protection from the influence of electromagnetic radiation
    - Acquisition of the necessary material level, the solution of material problems and the establishment of a great balance - between material and spiritual in your life
    - The sign of Buddha's blessing will appear in your aura

    ❖ 28.03.21 THE DIVINE FLUTE OF KRISHNA The transcendental sound flowing from Krishna's flute is so sweet that it attracts all the inhabitants of millions and millions of universes. Everyone literally goes crazy when they hear the sweet sound of Krishna's flute.
    - Discovering the divine talents that you have had for the last 7 incarnations
    - Likewise, you too by going through this ritual your loved ones and relatives will listen to you attentively and accept all your advice. You will become an authority for them and many other seeking women. Also your partner will recognize in you your talents and abilities, will see in you a goddess.
    - You will discover the magic of an enchanting healing voice
    - thyroid healing
    - the tonsils, the throat, the hearing, the vocal chords are healed
    - The hearing of the subtle world of spirits and angels is awakened

    Exclusive rituals:

    ❖ ENTRANCE INTO THE CIRCLE OF ENLIGHTENED MASTER - Sahashradala-chakra activation. It is located a few centimeters above the top of the head. With the activation of this chakra, work in astroplanetary meditation begins, for it connects us to the higher planets, to the meditative embrace of the universe.
    - The gaining of the patronage of the Circle of Great Masters for all members of your lineage. The entire Circle of Enlightened Masters sees your family and prays for the members of it.
    - Discovery of the divine program of life - your presence on the planet heals it and the people around it
    - The immune system is healed
    - acquiring a spherical protective sphere, which attracts as a magnet favorable events of good fortune for you and your family

    ❖ COSMIC YUDAM - the development of the deity in you. - is the romantic version of love we all dream of. You and your galactic partner were created originally for each other. And you exist outside of time and space for each other. In this ritual there is a discovery of the deity in yourself and through this your galactic partner will notice you from the subtle plane and you will be together both day and night.
    - It helps you to remember who you really are. You become a bride of God.
    - Women's organs are healed, the processes of rejuvenation are started, and the body acquires a unique beauty, peculiar only to you.
    - Hair growth improves, as it is a connection with the cosmos. Hair becomes thick and silky.

    Each participant of the tour will receive a gift

    Helen, UK:
    “This is an incredible ritual! I visited a similar ritual. And you know what's amazing? After that, my career rapidly went up - I became the director of the branch! I have already booked a place for the retreat. I hope there will be a lot of people! I will invite all my friends to join me! ”

    Paulina, Spain:
    “I really dream of going to retreats! In general, I have a goal to visit all the retreats. Because they do work! I got pregnant, although the doctors said I was infertile! During the retreat, I asked the Universe not only happiness for all people, but also the baby. And then it happened! ”

    Darina, USA:
    “I think it will be awesome! I know people who attended such events. For example, my sister. After a retreat, she had a big change in her life - she met a very worthy man, and they got married. Something else has changed too – now my sister lives in Australia. Her husband is from there)) So I'm sure - the ritual will help not only our planet, but also to all of us! I look forward to it! ”

    Our shaman journey is a prayer for every living being, for life without wars and diseases, for human happiness, for our children and beloved ones. We will be praying for the salvation of all the creatures on our planet as Gods used to do. We will be dissolving into the divine power of love. And the more the magic power we awaken inside ourselves the bigger the changes will happen to our families and to our inner world! The mystic lake awaits you and your friends! Together we will make this world better!

    We will set out on a wonderful and adventurous journey to a sacred enigmatic wildlife place.

    It is a unique world, a mysterious planet where fairy-tales and legends of ancient civilizations live. Unusually limpid air permeated with scents of wild boreal forests, high mountain peaks, inexhaustible well of clean water, magic views and unique secret knowledge of how to gain Power, to protect your lineage, find your predestination, be always successful in business, regain your health, fins your soulmate and create harmonic relations in a family.

    In this shaman journey you will be accompanied and taught by the most powerful shamans, healers and clairvoyants – PEOPLE OF POWER renown in many counties. By just being beside them you change your destiny and the destiny of your lineage. They’ve healed thousand hundreds of people on the territory of the Americas, Europe, Greece, Brazil, the Netherlands, Egypt, Russia and others.


      Tour Package 1.

      • The seminar program
      • Accommodation
      • Transfers
      • Object of power (1st level)

      Tour Package 2.

      • The seminar program
      • Accommodation
      • Transfers
      • 3 group rituals
      • Object of power (2nd level)

      VIP Tour Package 3.

      • The seminar program
      • Accommodation
      • Transfers
      • 3 group rituals
      • VIP ritual
      • VIP object
      • Individual assistance

      Bonuses and discounts:
      Special Offer: Invite a friend and get 150 euro BONUS!

      Registration is open until February, 25th 2021

      For more details and to register:
      Whatsapp: +90 542 888 8301
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      This is how our retreats and seminars are:

      To prepare for the TOUR, we recommend undergoing individual practices with our tutors.


      The "KNOW WHO YOUR ANGEL IS" Ritual with Enlightened Priestess Madonna will take place on February 24, 2021 at 9:00 p.m. Berlin time

      Dear ones! The Enlightened Priestess is leaving her meditation and communication with the subtle plane in a cave, in order to go online and give you this webinar. The enlightened Masters themselves have asked Madonna to personally share this mystery with you....

      It's time to find out who your Guardian Angel is. And that means to find love, strength and wisdom. With faith in God, in the Highest, one never feels lonely. Of course, difficult moments and days of doubt occur in the life of everyone, but the invisible presence of an angel nearby gives strength to pass life's tests.

      In this webinar you will discover the secret of your guardian angel, you will feel his love for you through a special ritual, which will be transmitted by Madonna. Contact with him will open up to you unlimited possibilities, power and intuition. After the ritual, you will never want to lose contact with him again. You will also learn that angels can incarnate in a person. Perhaps, an incarnated angel is already near you........

      We look forward to seeing you with someone who also needs the love of an Angel.

      What to prepare: a blank white sheet of paper, pen, thread and needle.