International women’s tour

30.06-05.07, 2021



    An ancient prophecy says:
    ...there will come a time on Earth when the suffering of all people will cease and a golden age will come!

    The most powerful Shamans and priestesses performed rituals for seven winters and seven springs, calling upon powerful spirits to save the Earth.

    The 7 most powerful spirits responded to their call and gathered together to say a day time prayer. They said that salvation was in Agartha!

    The great spirit of our planet Earth pointed to the chosen women who would gather together for the shamanic ritual of White Trance - purification of the vital (money) karma of the Earth.

    They would be holding powerful drums in their hands to awaken the power of the most powerful lineages.

    They would be from the lineages of the Queens of the ancient Earth who had ruled our entire planet. All of the brightest and most talented women are their descendants.

    They would summon their spiritual sisters from past incarnations to awaken the power of the main Queen of Agartha, the master of all the treasures of the world.

    Whoever finds Agartha will find eternal happiness on Earth and in Heaven and will turn into a Heavenly Angel.

    The power of prayer has pointed to another entrance to Agartha!

    Take a mystical journey into Agartha, and to the Places of Power, with us!

    AGARTA. This is the name of the place of Enlightened Masters from all over the world and traditions - Jesus Christ, Budda, Krishna, Zaratustra, etc. Saint Masters continue to live in Agarta and pray for humanity. Especially now, in these not so easy times when we start a new era of Aquarius. This is a new era of very huge spirituality and we need to purify and we need to prepare for this new time.

    We will unite, we will gather together with the most spiritual people in the world. And we will make this tour to the ancient, saint place Agarta to receive special message from Enlightened Masters!

    Open your heart, open your soul and hear this calling!

    To make the ritual as effective as possible, you will need Objects of power!

    These are artifacts that protect against negative energy, envy, poverty, disease, conflict, quarrels, and accidents. They help in love and affairs, give a powerful energetical protection to your family and your home.

    To select the right Object of Power just for you, let our tutors carry out diagnostics. This can be done right during the retreat or in your own country if you are lucky to visit our coach’s seminar in your city.

    Group rituals:

    ❖ COSMIC FIRE OF AGARTHA This world is created by 3 powers:
    * The power of love
    * The power of consciousness
    * The power of action – the power of fire!
    During this group ritual, we will call the Spirit of Fire of Agartha. This spirit can purify the karma of your ancestors and help you become free and acquire good health. You will be able to make all your dreams about your career come true, by either climbing the ladder or gaining assistance from loved ones. This is your mission of helping the whole lineage, and your relationship will be protected by love and faith.
    If a person does not have the power of fire in their life, they have pretty bad luck and often work low-paying jobs, have a toxic relationship with a partner who cheats on them, have gastrointestinal tract disease, and so on. The fire can be lost due to stress and difficult situations people face in life, which can make a person indecisive and sick. A weak fire in the lineage leads to the degeneration of the lineage, heritable diseases, poverty, and loneliness. Due to these karmic blocks, a person cannot believe in their mission and may not realize their great talents.
    The cosmic fire of Agartha is the spiritual power that the guide will invoke in you during a sacred ancient ritual. The Amazons and the priestesses of the ancient temples performed this ritual for gaining the charmed life. They could fight without armor, and not a single arrow could hurt them because of a fiery aura of protection. The arrows that have been launched at them burned in the air.

    ❖ DIVINE LOVE OF AGARTHA The ancient sacred ritual was first held by the intergalactic union of Agartha more than 20 thousand years ago. The great teachers and priests of Agartha will transfer to you their astral knowledge of love through a ritual that gives harmony and happiness.
    Thanks to this ritual, the great truth will open to you, and happiness and love will fill your heart. It is very important to convey this information to everyone, including your relatives, loved ones, children, parents, and everyone else in the world! The divine love of Agartha cannot be imposed--only an open heart can receive it.
    The great hierarchs of Agartha are already starting to contact you. The heart opens and is filled with divine grace (love). After the ritual, the power of your prayer will increase by 108 intergalactic times, and Agartha will speak to you from the language of your heart.
    The heart will be overflown with great love for all people, the planet, and all living beings.
    Thanks to the ritual, you will feel the divine vibration of Agartha’s love, which will help the good spirits and high-frequency vibrations of love find you easily.
    You will open the healing channels of your heart with your partner. You will gain understanding and keep your family strong. You will prevent possible karmic conflicts, bring back the love of your partner, and preserve divine love and respect for many years.
    Agartha opens its heart!

    ❖ GOLD BAR OF THE LINEAGE According to an ancient legend, the wealth of the lineage lies at the bottom of the lake, in the form of a gold bar. This wealth has been accumulated by many generations of your ancestors. And in every generation, the lineage accumulates power. This is the power of helping people, the power of charity, and the power of good deeds. And these good deeds turn into the most valuable possession--a gold bar!
    During the ritual, you turn to the spirit of your lineage as its elder and receive the blessing to use the gold bar from the lineage. It is the private reserve of truth, nobility, and spiritual energy, which kept your lineage and its destiny alive. You can awaken the power of the lineage by using the gold bar, and lay the program of prosperity for your lineage for many years! Become the owner of the wealth of your lineage and help future generations be happy!

    Exclusive rituals:

    ❖ THE QUEEN OF AGARTHA Several centuries ago, there were signs in 7 places on the planet that the Queens of Agartha would wake up in this holy year on earth. These are the special chosen souls who have already lived the past lives necessary for a woman of power. In past lives, these souls were the strongest shamans, high priestesses, blessed healers, saints, monks, sorceresses, ancient knowledge holders, queens, inhabitants of Sirius and ancient Atlantis, magicians, and many other strong incarnations. We know them all. In this life, these souls complete the last necessary incarnation to become the Queen of Agartha. Like a diamond, these souls have been perfectly cut, and all their past lives of power are facets of this diamond. These women will save their lineages and the earth because they will be the conductors of Agartha--the source of all spiritual traditions and esoteric knowledge on earth. The coronation will take place on the strongest day of this tour.
    If you feel something or hear a little voice inside calling you somewhere while reading these lines, then write to the shamans about it. It is possible that we are looking for you. One of the most important tasks for us now is to find all the queens of Agartha!

    Each participant of the tour will receive a gift

    Helen, UK:
    “This is an incredible ritual! I visited a similar ritual. And you know what's amazing? After that, my career rapidly went up - I became the director of the branch! I have already booked a place for the retreat. I hope there will be a lot of people! I will invite all my friends to join me! ”

    Paulina, Spain:
    “I really dream of going to retreats! In general, I have a goal to visit all the retreats. Because they do work! I got pregnant, although the doctors said I was infertile! During the retreat, I asked the Universe not only happiness for all people, but also the baby. And then it happened! ”

    Darina, USA:
    “I think it will be awesome! I know people who attended such events. For example, my sister. After a retreat, she had a big change in her life - she met a very worthy man, and they got married. Something else has changed too – now my sister lives in Australia. Her husband is from there)) So I'm sure - the ritual will help not only our planet, but also to all of us! I look forward to it! ”

    Our retreat tour is a preparation for the most important ritual, the "Treasures of Agartha," where all participants will be given a code of wealth, both material and spiritual. The seminar itself is meant to help you prepare for this ritual. The ritual "Treasures of Agartha," is free.


      Tour Package 1.

      • The seminar program
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      • Object of power (1st level)

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      • Transfers
      • 3 group rituals
      • Object of power (2nd level)

      VIP Tour Package 3.

      • The seminar program
      • Accommodation
      • Transfers
      • 3 group rituals
      • VIP ritual
      • VIP object
      • Individual assistance

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      To prepare for the TOUR, we recommend undergoing individual practices with our tutors.


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